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Bounty Bug Hunter

Receive $20 for each confirmed bug you identify in the Envel app.

Our Bounty Bug Hunter program is at the core of our mission of creating an excellent user experience. In a truly agile development environment with frequent releases, continuous testing is a necessity. Our Bounty Bug Hunter program ensures that our mobile app is regularly tested by real users who can provide critical insight into potential areas for improvement.

Since Envel is the mobile banking app built for our users, we figured it was important to give you all a voice. We can’t wait to work with you to build a banking app like no other!

Early Adopter Community

Receive $50 for joining us on a zoom session while you onboard with our team.

Our Early Adopter Community ensures that our application is constantly tested by real users of the application who can provide critical insight into new features we’re working on, and help guide the development of our app.

We believe an Early Adopter Community of independent users provides the most effective process for critically assessing new features, from the point of view of real users like you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work alongside the Envel team to build the ultimate mobile banking experience!

Please note that Early Adopters must be new users who have not yet created an Envel account.

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