Envel Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The Referral Program allows Verified Users to earn a referral award(s) within a given calendar year across Envel’s various referral campaigns. These terms govern all referral campaigns promoted by Envel and may be modified from time to time without notice to Envel’s customers. In addition, these terms are available within the Envel mobile application to all users on the Rewards Campaign Home Screen, and Envel’s Privacy Policy governs the use of information in the Referral Program and any of the referral campaigns.

To participate in Envel’s referral campaigns and qualify for a referral award, both Referrers and Referred Users must be Verified Users. “Verified Users” are Envel’s customers that successfully complete identity verification and account opening requirements during onboarding. The onboarding process consists of, but is not limited to, phone and email verification, identity verification, and various information collection activities to open accounts at nbkc bank, Member FDIC. Verified Users must complete the following criteria, either as a Referrer or Referred User, to participate in Envel’s referral program:
  • Referrers must send the referral link that is available on the Rewards Campaign Home Screen
  • Referred Users must click the referral link sent to them by Referrers
  • Complete Envel’s onboarding process and successfully open accounts
  • Order a debit card

The maximum amount that any Verified User earn across Envel’s various referral campaigns is $125 within a single calendar year. Envel does not represent that referral campaigns will equal $125 in a given calendar year, and all Verified Users are no longer eligible to participate in referral campaigns upon reaching the $125 limit. Referral campaigns each have their own criteria, reward amount, and timeframe, which is visible on the Rewards Campaign Home Screen called the “Exact Referral Conditions.” At the start of each campaign, unique referral links will become available on Referrers’ home screens. The Exact Referral Conditions must be met before the campaign has expired for both the Referrer and the Referred to qualify for the respective “Reward Awards.”

If the Exact Referral Conditions are met before the expiration date and the Referrer or the Referred User do not meet any of the “Excluding Conditions” (defined below), then both parties will receive their respective Referral Awards within 24 hours. All Referral Awards are paid into valid confirmed Envel Cash Envelopes and may not be paid outside of the Envel Banking Application. Envel reserves the right to terminate any campaign or referral program at any time or terminate any user's eligibility.

A Referrer may only be paid once for each confirmed Referred User. If a Verified User violates or attempts to violate the terms of a referral campaign, then eligibility to participate will be revoked.

  1. “Referrer” – A Verified User that refers another new customer to Envel.
  2. “Referred User” – A new customer that is referred to Envel by an existing Verified User.
  3. “Referrer Reward Amount” – This amount is identified on the Rewards Campaign Home Screen.
  4. “Referred User Reward Amount” - This amount is identified on the Rewards Campaign Home Screen.
  5. “Referral Awards” – The combination of both the Referrer Reward Amount & Referred Reward Amount.
  6. “Exact Referral Conditions” – These are the milestones and criteria that must be met by the Referred before any Referral Awards can be paid. Envel may change these from campaign to campaign and they are displayed on the Rewards Campaign Home Screen.
  7. “Rewards Campaign Home Screen” – The screen in the Envel mobile application that appears after any of the referral links are clicked. This is the first screen of the referral program and outlines the criteria that must be met for the referral awards to be paid, the expiration date of the campaign, the referral link, and the amounts of the referral awards.
  8. “Excluding Conditions” – The following conditions will revoke a Verified User’s eligibility to participate in Envel’s Referral Program and/or banking services:
    1. Violation of Envel’s Terms of Service
    2. Violation of Envel’s Privacy Policy
    3. Violation of any social media or Third-Party website’s Terms of Service where the referral link was used
    4. Either party has their account suspended or closed due either confirmed or suspicion of financial crimes