Banking the right way

Developing sound financial habits at an early age can have a dramatic impact on your future financial health.


A bank is supposed to be a place for safe keeping of your money and slowly building upon. However, in recent times, many banks are encouraging you to spend by  offering you loans to feed your impulses. This has led to a larger emergence of an unbanked generation that are sending clear messages to the financial services industry, that customers don't value these types of banks and seeking other ways of storing, saving and transacting.

Alternatives aren't always fruitful for the consumer either with many investing in high risk quick win opportunities many without safety checks in place. This has led to an increase debts, credit card balances and uncertainty about the future.

We believe a bank should be responsible for incubating your wealth from savings to investments, without you needing to be a financial wiz. A place you can count on and just sit back and feel more confident as your financial standing improves with the help of people and technology you can trust.

At Envel, we believe you shouldn’t need to be financially literate in order to attain great financial health. We aim to dramatically change the lives of millions through delegating financial management to Envel.


With almost $1 trillion of credit card debt in the US, there seems no slowdown and younger millennials, in particular, are struggling to surface in a world while drowning in debt.

Retail, Government and incumbent banks are all seemingly encouraging people to spend spend spend through whatever means and the social pressures are equally as great.

The International Monetary Fund, October 2017 upon by their Global Financial Stability Report, issued a warning to governments that rely on debt-fuelled consumer spending to boost economic growth, that they run the risk of another major financial collapse.

It's time we create a banking system that nurtures customers' accounts, steering customers away from debt and towards financial stability without expecting the customer to do this themselves. To enable this, we cannot compromise the business model, it has to be sincere and trustworthy. Our customers' financial health comes first.

Join us to make the future of banking a better place.


Our Commitment to Free Banking for Millennials