Envel is launching a next generation AI-powered Bank Account that Optimizes your Income and Manages your Spending in Real-time

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Driverless Banking™

Envel is a complete reinvention of the banking experience. Most people find it mentally tiring and time consuming to manage their money whether budgeting, saving, planning for the future or just reduce spending.

We've built an advanced AI-powered banking framework, the first of its kind, dubbed ‘Driverless banking’, that autonomously manages your money in real-time on autopilot, to help build your wealth, save for emergencies, prevent impulsive spending and smooth out your income, with no effort on your part.

Smart Accounts

We analyze your Spending DNA™ in real-time to formulate a financial model that autonomously organizes your income into four main divisions;  Capital - Long-term savings, Contingency - Emergency cash, Bills - Predicted for the month and Spending - Guilt free allowance.

Envel AI monitors your spending in real-time to make sure that you stay on track, learning from your past mistakes. 

Envel Spending DNA™

Envel Spending DNA™

Envel A.I. Powered Real-time Financial Steering

Live for today!

With Envel, you only have to worry about how much money you have left to spend today 'guilt free'. Not tomorrow, next month or next year. This smoothes out your income and makes you feel like you're being paid every day rather than every month.

Instead of binding you with credit you don't need and draining your financial resources, our Envel Money Management framework uses Artificial Intelligence to operate like your own virtual 24/7 financial advisor to keep your finances healthy. Our results prove that as long as you stay within our guidelines,  you will be better off.

Brag to your friends

You don't need to show them how much money you have, but with Envel Points and Ranking Leaderboard, you can brag to your friends about how well you are managing your money! 

We've devised a unique scoring system that unlocks opportunities not only for the customer, but for the financial services industry. Unlike the traditional credit scoring system that determines financial worthiness based on the management of your debts, we score you based on your money management.