Revolutionary Driverless AI Banking

Autonomous steering of your Money and Spending in Real-time


Need to be better at managing your money? Too many apps and options and your bank not doing anything really effective for you? Wished you could go back and fix the past?


A bank was meant to be a place for safe keeping of our money and slowly building upon. However, with almost half the US population without critical savings and a greater proportion living paycheck to paycheck, many are searching for alternatives to help improve.

We believe a bank should be responsible for incubating your wealth from savings to investments, providing firm guidance to keep you within the lanes. With the technology and the power of data science today, you shouldn’t need to be a financially wiz in order to manage your finances well and build longer term financial success. 


Our deep learning AI technology, unique to the industry, provides a banking system that nurtures and steers customers towards long term financial stability without expecting the customer to take on the responsibility themselves.

We aim to dramatically change the scene by delegation of financial management through complete real-time banking autonomy. To enable this, we’re reinventing banking as we know it to engineer a highly efficient banking model and one that drives considerable value to the customer.


Whatever your background, whether a student, professional, parent or child, Envel works hard for you to squeeze every dollar out of your income to make you wealthier. Join us and watch the magic happen.